Off-Season Thrifting: 5 Tips To Save a Ton of Money

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Ever need a pair of sandals in the middle of winter for a beach vacation or a heavier coat at the beginning of summer for unseasonable weather? Those living in parts of the country that experience all four seasons might know this common shopping dilemma as “off-season” scrounging. Traditional retail stores usually won’t have this type of merchandise to purchase during these off-times, so what do you do?

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Thrift stores are one great option. Unlike regular clothing stores, they aren’t governed by strict seasonal guidelines. You can find a sled in the middle of June or a whole section of swimsuits in January. In fact, it’s one of The Krazy Koupon Lady‘s top tips for thrift shopping, as the popular blog stated, “The very best deals are for clothes that aren’t currently in high demand.”

Also, not everything is secondhand. Sometimes people just trying to clean out their closets will donate unworn clothes with tags still on them to thrift stores, and various retailers who have a surplus in merchandise might do the same (they get a nice tax write-off for doing so). Regardless, thrift stores have a fantastic and unique selection of clothes, shoes and more that many are flocking to shop in order to save money and even stay trendy.

CNBC recently reported on the “resale revolution” that is taking over the retail market, with even wealthy shoppers taking part. The activity became more popular during the pandemic, as many needed the means to save money, with thrifting growing by 15% in 2021. But soon it became a real hobby for many people enamored with the hunt of finding a great deal.

As such, resale is expected to grow by 80% over the next five years with total sales topping $289 billion, according to CNBC, citing data from a commerce report by OfferUp. They also found that 82% of Americans have said they thrift shop.

Not only are there great savings to be had — CouponFollow has found that thrift shopping for secondhand items can save shoppers around $150 a month or $1,760 a year — but many savvy shoppers have used it as a way to get their hands on desired luxury goods at a fraction of the cost. It’s a practice that has become increasingly popular with Gen Z.

So if you really want those Versace sunglasses for that beach vacation, but don’t have the budget to buy them brand-new, a resale shop is a great place to search.

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Here are some helpful tips for off-season thrift shopping:

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