Just What We Need: $97 Eye Cream By Jared Leto

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Another week, another celebrity beauty launch. Jared Leto, cult-leader and alleged DM-slider, has announced Twentynine Palms, a range of skincare products that are slightly more affordable that Brad Pitt’s, but just as pointless.

“I’ve never been really interested in beauty products,” Leto said during a recent interview, seemingly negating the entire purpose of his brand. “But I’m interested in the idea of taking care of ourselves in the most natural way possible.”

Launching on October 25 (or in 193 hours, per a recent post on Twentynine Palms’ official Instagram), the imprint will offer 11 skin and haircare products including a $97 eye cream, a $39 face cleanser, and a $95 clay mask.

So what’s the point? While Pitt’s Le Domaine peddles the power of the grape (specifically, those grown at his vineyard, Chateau Miraval), Twentynine Palms, formulated with desert botanicals like prickly pear, sells the “rugged beauty” of the Mojave.

Developed in partnership with Aesop alum Kate Forbes, the range is “clean,” “gender-neutral,” et.al.

To rephrase the very apt criticism levied at Pitt’s label, launched less than a month ago: if celebrities are genuinely passionate about beauty, why not support the industry’s entrepreneurs by investing in brands they believe in, rather than starting their own?

(This particularly applies to folks like Pitt and Leto, who have never publicly spoken about their interest in skincare prior to their brands’ respective launches.)

There is one silver lining to Leto’s launch: maybe his cult members will get a discount code?

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